We have served at  some of the most iconic venues in the south of  England including Sherbourne Castle in Dorset,  the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth  and some stunning properties in the New Forest as well as some more rustic locations such as Barns and Country fields.

Freshly prepared crepes ‘n’ waffles are a unique and charming alternative to the normal wedding fayre. Your guests will be mesmerized and entertained watching our skilled crepieres at work.

Choices can be made from our standard or deluxe savoury and sweet menus. We are happy to discuss and create a personalized menu that fits your special occasion and we can include your  favourite fillings or toppings.

Our service is a complete package, so you don’t need to worry about plates and cutlery as all our crepes are served in crepe cones, unless you request otherwise.

Crepes are a very versatile food and we can cater for your main meal, evening reception or even the day after wedding breakfast. We can do this both indoors and out so we never have to worry about the fickle British weather.

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